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DOpus 12.7.2 - 2nd Toolbar on File Display Border Issue



From the 12.7.2 Beta release notes:

The Preferences / File Displays / Border page now lets more than one toolbar to be selected for the file display border.

I find that when I add an extra toolbar, the height of the lister tabs increases (possibly doubles). Removing the additional toolbar returns the tabs to their usual height.



I’ve tried several of the toolbars I have configured and they all cause the issue.


Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Border / Align other Lister element headers with the file display border. (Maybe that option should be disabled with more than one FD toolbar.)


@Leo - that was quick. Thank you for the quick ‘fix’.


Another issues with this new feature.

  • If there is no toolbar in Prefs list, apply prefs display static header. But close et restart Opus, display the default “File Display” toolbar.

  • If Opus language is English and I clear header toolbar list, restart Opus and “File Display” toolbar is add to toolbar list in Prefs. With French language, header toolbar list remains empty after restart. Also if I add default toolbar manually “Entêtes de Liste”, she’s never display and header remains as static.