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DOpus 12.7.2 - 2nd Toolbar on File Display Border Issue



From the 12.7.2 Beta release notes:

The Preferences / File Displays / Border page now lets more than one toolbar to be selected for the file display border.

I find that when I add an extra toolbar, the height of the lister tabs increases (possibly doubles). Removing the additional toolbar returns the tabs to their usual height.



I've tried several of the toolbars I have configured and they all cause the issue.


Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Border / Align other Lister element headers with the file display border. (Maybe that option should be disabled with more than one FD toolbar.)


@Leo - that was quick. Thank you for the quick 'fix'.


Another issues with this new feature.

  • If there is no toolbar in Prefs list, apply prefs display static header. But close et restart Opus, display the default "File Display" toolbar.

  • If Opus language is English and I clear header toolbar list, restart Opus and "File Display" toolbar is add to toolbar list in Prefs. With French language, header toolbar list remains empty after restart. Also if I add default toolbar manually "Entêtes de Liste", she's never display and header remains as static.


@leo : A capture to illustrate problem


Thanks, should be fixed in the next update.


With dopus 12.7.3 ,the default toolbar has disappeared from me and I can not restore it anymore, even if I restart


What's in Preferences / File Displays / Border?


I wanted to restore the default configuration, but if I select "show as a toolbar" and I click apply .. automatically, dopus activates the option "static header"


You need to add at least one of the toolbars from the list on the left into the list on the right.


Don't work...


That doesn't look right, I agree.

Could you send us a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) to look at? (Please use a private message, in case anything private is in the config.)


Many thanks, we should have have a fix for that very soon.


If you re-download 12.7.3 this should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!


Now it's perfect. Thank you