DOpus 12 Rename dialog idea

There are some rename operations I do fairly regularly that are so simple that it isn't worth creating a a preset for, (it would only clutter up my already big enough list), eg. * -> z_*

They're quick to enter once but sometimes I do another rename operation in the middle, (from a preset usually), that means I have to enter in the rename details for the previous operation again.

Would it be worth it to add a small history to the Last Rename operation?

Say the last 3 operations, each successive click on the button cycling through them.

Or even an option to exclude Rename Presets from being included in the Last Rename list, since they're already available immediately in the dialog.

The history is a reasonable idea for the future.

In the meantime, you can group your rename presets in Opus 12, and the groups are collapsible - so you could have all the common-but-simple presets grouped together and hidden until you need them.