DOpus 12 won't start any longer


When I double-click the desktop or when I run DirectoryOpus from the start-menu the pointer becomes a spinning-wheel for 5 seconds and then nothing happens.

I have already re-installed DOpus and deleted the C:\Users...\AppData\Local and Roaming folders from Directory Opus.

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If you didn't reboot after each uninstall/reinstall, please try uninstalling, then rebooting, verifying that the Opus Program Files folder is no longer there, then installing again.

Does dopus.exe (not dopusRT.exe) appear in the Task Manager process list? If it appears, does it stay there or vanish almost instantly?

Failure to start is often caused by antivirus or similar tools blocking the program from running at all, sometimes because a new version's files aren't recognised by the antivirus tool yet.

We have a built-in startup diagnostic which may help tell where the startup is getting stuck, assuming Opus is able to start at all. Here's how to access its information:

[ul][li][ol][li]Set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GPSoftware\Directory Opus, StartupProgress (DWORD) = 1.

You can use the two .reg files in here to set/remove it, if you prefer:

[li]Run Microsoft DebugView

[li]Launch Opus.[/li][/ol]

DebugView should print some lines with "dopus: Startup progress: 31" or similar.

(DebugView defaults to very narrow columns, so if everything is truncated they just need to be dragged wider.)

(DebugView may also print output from other programs. Not everything it displays will necessarily come from Opus.)[/li][/ul]

If it doesn't display anything, it's possible Opus is being blocked from starting at all, and control never reaches our code. That would usually be due to antivirus or similar, or could be due to a 3rd party DLL being injected into the process which makes the startup fail. (Some tools will inject their DLLs into all processes on startup.)