Dopus 13 Installation Location - How do I choose where to install Dopus?

I'm about to install Directory Opus 13 but the installer won't let me choose an installation path.
Is there a way to choose the program installation path?

Are you trying to install 12 and 13 at once? That won't work. 13 should be installed over the top of 12, in the same location.

If Opus isn't already installed, the installer will ask where you want it.

Yes, this is it.
I wanted to keep 12 around until I had configured it, so I could compare etc.

  1. Is there a migration guide, or will a clean "Backup and Restore" and then loading it do the trick?

  2. Is it better to install over 12 like this, or to do a clean install? Both would work of course, just wondering if there's any benefit/difference to either.


No need to do a clean install. Just install over the top, and it will update your existing config to the new version.

If your toolbars have been edited, it gives you the option of keeping your current toolbars or replacing them with the new defaults (which will copy your old toolbars to backups you can still go back to or copy buttons out of).

If you keep your old toolbars, you can view the defaults in Customize > Default Toolbars, should you need to pull any new buttons out of them. There's a slider there which will highlight commands that are new in Opus 13. There's also a list of toolbar changes in the detailed release notes: Default Toolbars & Menus [Directory Opus Manual]