Dopus 8 -> Dopus 10 Ftp-data


I have upgraded all my Dopus9-computers to Dopus10, and I love it so far! :thumbsup:
But... I have one Dopus8-machine at work, and I need the ftp & logindata stored on it.
Is there a way to get the ftp&logindata fra 8 to 10? :question:

Opus 10 should still be able to restore a config backup from Opus 8, if that helps.

There's also the show site passwords in plain text option that'll let you copy the details out by hand (so long as you know the master password; if you haven't changed it I think it's just 'password').

Thanx! Will have a go over the weekend. :thumbsup:

Not sure if the option is in 8 but in version 9 and 10 you can export the ftp sites and then import them into your new version.

its not in 8. in 8 there is only export prefs.