Dopus 8 have Chinese language package?

I waiting for Chinese package for a long time ........

wish coming soon and full support Unicode~~~;)


No, not at the moment, sorry.

The official response to supporting unicode (I run my dopus on a Japanese XP) has recently been "relatively soon".

I like the program, but it is very unstable when acting on anything with unicode in it - paths, filenames etc.


Hi Rick,

It's not that Opus is "unstable" rather it's simply that Unicode is not supported.

We have plans for a Unicode version but let's get significant sales and publicity in the English speaking world first:)

Unfortunately the implementation of Unicode is not trivial matter - it requires almost every function of the thousands in the program to be checked, rewritten then tested and checked again. We anticipate the job will take something like 1-2 months of development and testing to guarantee integrity of the code, so it is not something to undertake lightly!


Glad to hear there is a plan, and it does not sound trivial to me.

Anytime I do anything (it seems) involving a filename or path with Japanese characters in it, my copy crashes. I will say it is very stable when I avoid those Japanese names or strings - things like Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures are all in Japanese on Japanese XP.

I am using a Japanese OS out of necessity for running certain programs but I have a lot of English software running on my OS. I try to make all my filenames in English, as that is what seems to work wth other programs as well.

Interesting that Explorer shows them in Japanese, but DOpus shows them in English in a couple of places - that indicated to me that I might be able to change their names to English and sort of work around DOpus' not supporting Unicode.