DOpus 8 Lister not scrolling when drag&dropping inside windo

View mode - list.
Lots of files and folders in a lister window.
If I drag a file from middle of scroll window to lets say left to drop it into one of folders at the begging of the scroll, window doesn't scroll that way!

It should shouldn't it?

Similar thing with back (and up/back) button. If im somewhere in the middle of scroll window and double click a folder and then press back button my scroll focus doesn't restore fully where it was.

Regards, Raisers

It's not really a solution but my advise would be to use Details, Power and Thumbnail modes primarly, and the Large and Small icon modes if you want them too, but ignore List mode for day-to-date use, since it is very basic.

Most seem to agree that listing and scrolling files only in one direction (top to bottom) is a lot easier to deal with, from a user point of view, than the way List mode works which is to lay things out both top-to bottom and left-to-right, with all scrolling being left-to-right. I think because of this, not much time has been spent making List mode better in Opus than what comes for free with the Windows list control. (While the other modes, specifically Details/Power/Thumbnails are very customised and enhanced.)

I'm not saying you're wrong to want to use List mode. Whatever floats your boat! Just saying that it hasn't been the focus of Opus and, while you still get the customisable toolbars and extensive, tweakable command set of Opus regardless of the mode you use, you'll be missing out on a lot of features if you go with List mode.

I see your point but as I've been using list mode for years I must say its one of the fastest ways for me to deal with files.

Most of the time I just copy/move files and extract. Don't need all the extra info in details/power modes and the benefits from list mode are more files fit in window!

For extra info I use status bar a lot and hoovering baloon tips. I'm using dual horizontal view for years with list mode in OnTrack PowerDesk 4.0 and it was the fastest way for me.

Now I can't grow out of it I guess. I'll post my configuration for others to see. List mode is not that bad.

Maybe scroll position restoration when doing up or back is not that bad, but not being able to drag the file to left or right in list mode is absolutely destroying the purpose of list mode.