DOpus 9: Print Folder function buggy

You may delete this posting if the issue has been fixed since 9.5.6.

  • In properties, my external USB drive K:\ (NTFS, 2TB) shows some 700.000 files and 600.000 folders.
  • When I "printed" these to a txt file in DOpus (9.5.6 on Win 7 32), the resulting file only had some
    370.000 lines, indicating that something must be missing.

please fix if still applicable.

thank you. sorry for still being on 9.x, please don't complain. :slight_smile:

Have you tracked down any items which were excluded to see if there's a valid reason?

e.g. It may be excluding system/hidden files and folders, Recycle Bin, etc.

Is a filter in effect?

What are the Print dialog's settings? What are some examples of things that should be listed but aren't?


  • No filter was active, the recycling bin was empty (and also in the main program settings all hidden and system files were configured to be shown, if this is of importance)

  • I used these settings, FWIW:
    [ ] calc subfolders
    [x] flat view [grouped]
    [ ] use filter
    destination: file: printed_k_2015-08-22.txt
    format: filters: none
    __display: [ ] hide
    __ignore [none
    __mix: files before folders
    __[x] keep folders sorted alpha
    __[ ] numeric
    __[ ] reverse
    __[ ] word sort
    columns: location 1280 [SORT], filename 1280
    header/footer: h&f

I did a test with Opera 11.x on Win 8.1 64 on a different computer. Counting the files on C, ~280.000 files and folders, yielded a text file that, according to Notepad++, had some 290.000 lines (same settings as above). (+/. 5000, I don't remember exactly). I.e. that file, for whatever reason, had even more lines than the source had objects. I don't know why, but at least this looks like things might be different here.
I don't know where to start, i.e. how to find a particular file that is present on the hdd, but not in the text, or vice versa. Also, I might be doing a second run on the first computer in a couple of days just to see what happens. Nonetheless please feel free to give feedback now already.


Probably due to junctions etc., which the Properties dialog will only count once, but will be included multiple times in the file list (as the same file or folder is present in multiple locations via a junction or hard/softlink).

There isn't really any trick to it, you just have to look through the list for something that's missing. I'd start with top-level folders. i.e. Maybe a whole folder below K:\ is missing from the listing; scroll down the list and check all those folders are mentioned.

But if things are working better in Opus 11, it's likely the difference was some change we've already made, possibly with how the tool follows junctions etc. or with whether or not it will read directories that can only be read via UAC (which you would also not normally care about in a folder listing, as they're usually system folders you're not meant to look inside anyway).

I though of junctions too but then I'd expect a greater difference on a Win system, though I might be wrong here (don't have the system at hand just now). I'll check that some time and post the results.

FWIW, both systems are run as an administrator and I can look into any folder without UAC problems (only object modifications require UAC confirmations), in some system folders).

(Slightly off-topic, but related:
Anyway, I think it would be best practice for the developer team to have a 3 TB hard drive with a file and folder count that's 90% of the count allowed by NTFS, and also with one 2,2 TB file and folders nested to an extend that they, as well as the files inside, exceed 256 characters, and also with special charaters etc.pp., and a couple of junctions etc., as a testing drive, and then also attach that to some slow Atom system from 2008 or so, and then see if things still run correctly. There's always an observation bias if software is tested on state of the art hardware with "harmless" folder structures. For example, I also had problems with zipping files (on DOpus 11) that where in folders 220 characters of length, plus the file another 100. As a matter of fact, 7-Zip handled ANY situation with grace, whilst DOpus and also PowerArchiver, and to a lesser extend WinRAR, had problems. I.e. either long filenames in long directories are fully supported in DOpus, or not at all. Currently, it seems like "partly supported".

Sorry for having been a bit ranty here. I <3 DOpus! :slight_smile:

(I meant 7-Zip the program, not .7z files. I was always talking about .zip files.) :slight_smile: