Dopus and Active Sync


I've noticed a small problem when using dopus to initiate a file transfer between the PC and a Windows Mobile device. Often the file to be transferred requires a conversion before it can be used on the mobile device or vice-versa if copying the other way around. This all happens transparent to the user because as soon as you attempt to transfer a file between the PC and mobile device (or mobile device and PC) Active Sync will initiate the required conversion where necessary.
And here's where the problem starts because once you've asked Dopus to copy the files a Dopus file transfer window appears. At the same time, an ActiveSync file transfer box appears which completes file conversions where necessary, and copies the files across. While all that's happening the Dopus file transfer box hangs. Once activesync has finished the file transfer, Dopus then tries to copy the files afterwards. Luckily, it throws up a complaint about there already being files with the same name at the destination (because they've already been copied across by ActiveSync) so you're able to click on the "skip-all" option and all is then ok.

Not a huge bug, and not a show-stopper, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless. Has anyone else experienced this?


Does this only happen if you use the Copy button in the toolbar, or does it happen if you use drag & drop as well?