DOpus (and Explorer) display folders 1 per 30 seconds


Suddenly, Dopus has slowed down, such that it takes about 1 minute just to list the drives on my system (probably longer).
I have Vista, I have 3 physical drives and 5 letters.
This has never been any problem before.

I don't have any network drives mapped

Explorer works fine. Instantaneous browsing, as expected.
It's only DOpus.

I do occasionally connect to a VPN, and I suspect it's related to this. I had a 'favourite' which pointed to a VPN drive, so I tried deleting it. No difference.

Once it's finished taking over 1min to list the drives, browsing some drives is "unusable". It will take approx 30 seconds just to list a folder with a few files or folders beneath it.

In the time it took to write this post, it expanded one folder.
I'm now forced to use Explorer.

So maybe I should work with support on this, because even if I can solve it surely DOpus should not be susceptible to being rendered useless like this?

Apologies (I can't edit posts)
It's only when you click on the 'expansion arrow' if you click into a folder so that it just needs to updated the right-pane, it works fine.

And this happens in Explorer as well - the clicking on expand folder, which forces it to expand the tree from where you are, is also "broken"... takes 30 seconds.

So it's something I'm gonna have to figure out on my own.

Only DOpus has a problem with listing drives, though.

In general, see the FAQ: Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing a certain directory

In addition:

Running Process Monitor to see what Explorer or Opus are doing when you expand the tree might provide some clues.

You could probably rule out the VPN / network issues by disabling all your network devices (which should prevent anything waiting on network requests and make them fail instantly instead).

It may also be worth temporarily disabling any real-time anti-virus scanning.