Dopus and PowerShell

I have set up some powershell scripts to help manage files and folder that I have. Some of these scripts run as scheduled tasks, and some I run from custom buttons in Dopus.

I wondered if anyone else would be interested in this?

It’s a bit of a pain to set up because the dopus buttons simply execute a powershell command. This also means that there is a popup console window. Personally I don’t mind this (esp as I run the same scripts as scheduled tasks) but it might not be for others.

Here are some of the script functions I use.
CleanList folder: treats a folder as a list of items.
Any file in the folder is put in to a folder that is the same name of the file.
Each folder item is processed to unrar any rar files (using unrar.exe).
Remove old rar files.
Collapse folder names CD1, CD2.

CreateThumnails: Can treat folder as an item, or a list of items
Creates thumbnail files for videos in a folder and stored them in folder\thumbs.
Randomly selects a thumbnail for folder.jpg if one does not exist.
Randomly selects a thumbnail for .tbn if one does not exist.

SetImageasFolderImage, sets the selected image file as the folder.jpg
SetImageasvideoThumbnail, sets the selected image file as the .tbn

Let me know if you are interested in how to do this.

Peace Chris

Yes, please share them.

My bad, I should set up notifications.

I will organise and upload.

One thing i struggling with is how to manage shared functions.
I have all my functions loaded by my powershell profile, and then only need to execute one small command from dopus. This is great for ease of my use, and makes updating the scripts easier. However it's not so great for sharing. To use the scripts you would need to set up a powershell profile and have it load all of your script libraries.

Anyone have suggestions?

I have started posting some of my powershell scripts on a blog which is here