DOpus and USB safely remove problem

Every time time I seem to use DOpus on my flash drive I am unable to safely stop the device because of some system files that remain in use.

I am unable to force these apps to close ( which I can't idenitfy by name) using the USB Safely Remove software.

I end up closing all known program that might be accessing the device and just physically disconnecting the flash.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated .. I can't recall ever having similar problems with other programs.

Do you exit Opus completely before you try to eject the drive? That's all I ever need to do.

As long as any process is "in" (to use a simple term) any part of a mounted file system, that file system cannot be unmounted (eg. safely removed).

By "in", this means... has a file open, has a directory open, or has any part of its working directory in the file system.

So, if you've opened your USB drive w/dopus, you'll need to quit dopus so that windows can eject the media. If you opened dopus from some other directory, then navigate your way into the USB drive, you'd have to change the working directory outside the file system to be ejected.

Unfortunately, this concept is a bit difficult to explain without understanding processes and working directories, hence the simplistic explanation above.