DOPUS begins to use 80-90% CPU processor usage after

DOPUS begins to use 80-90% CPU processor usage after moving/copying a few big files.

After copying or moving a few large video files (150 megs+),
DOPUS will begin to hog all the CPU power and get caught in an endless loop.

My laptop begins to get real hot because of this and it slows everything down on the computer to a crawl.

I can end the process and reload DOPUS and it will be fine for a while... until I move/cut/copy some more big files...

Or I can reboot.... but the problem always seems to come back.

It is causing me major problems to the point where I am considering getting rid of DOPUS....even though I love it and I'm not sure I could live without it anymore. :slight_smile:

Can anyone please help me... ?
has anyone seen this problem before?

Could it be something with 'listers' ?
I still don't really understand the 'lister' term.

Kind regards to all and thanks for your time and I hope I can get some help.


Have a look at the FAQs; there's one about solving this very issue.