DOpus & Carbonite Collision?

Windows 7(64), Carbonite Service, DOpus
Observation: User input hangs during file access.
Tool: Windows Task Manager
Question: Can this be confirmed?

When the Carbonite Service is performing its interval background backup activity, and there is no application file access (read/write) underway, user input from keyboard/mouse proceeds uninterrupted whether or not DOPus is running.

When DOPus is running, if there's any application file access underway or initiated when Carbonite undertakes its activity, user input from keyboard/mouse is interrupted, sometimes for as long as 30 seconds. DOPus.exe process activity ends first. Then all is back to "normal".

This becomes very disruptive on any normal day.

Thoughts? Confirmation?

Bruce Chitiea
SafeSectors, Inc.
Upland California USA

Further investigation shows Carbonite combines with every running application to gum up the works, not just DOpus.

Will consult with Carbonite for additional perspective.

Meanwhile workaround is to turn Carbonite off during the working day.


Bruce Chitiea
SafeSectors, Inc.
Upland CA USA