Dopus Collection Ultra-Backup Button

This three button button is very useful.
It creates a backup of all the files & folders in a collection.
What makes this button unique is that it uses a Collection which persists and does not rely on an active lister's selection.


  1. Have winrar installed ( The trial version is adequate.
  2. Create a Directory Opus collection called 'Collected'

Left click: Loops through the 'Collected' collection, appdata, and documents folders.
The appdata folders contain many important folders containing your application settings that you may want to dump into the collection.

Right click: The collection 'Collected' will be emptied, and then the selected files & folders will be dumped into it.

Middle click: Backs up all the contents of the collection into a self-extracting executable.

What's cool is that you can just drag and drop anything you want backed up onto the button to put them in the collection. Middle click the button and it creates a backup, done.
Edit the paths in the button & winrar command line to suit your preferences.

This is what I use to create my computer backups periodically.
The winrar switch -ep2 is very important because it saves the full path (fully qualified) for everything so when you extract the backup file to it's original drive, everything is put back where it was.
I've found the winrar self-extracting options to be more flexible than 7zip.


Collector.dcf (1.9 KB)