DOpus crash viewing TIFF file

Hi Folks,

I believe I have found a bug under very specific circumstances. I am using DO Version ANSI on a Win XP Pro machine. The problem results in a crash / shutdown of DO when a lister is closed, and is reproducible.

Put multiple image files (more than one) in a folder, with at least one of them a TIFF format. View the folder either with the viewer pane on or in Filmstrip mode. Single click on any image (except the TIFF if there is only one TIFF) to display the image in the viewer pane. Double click on the TIFF image to open the DO Internal Picture Viewer. This must be enabled in Preferences. You should get an error message stating that the TIFF image is an “invalid or not recognized picture format”. Click OK to acknowledge the error and close the viewer, then close the lister. In a few seconds, or when you hover the cursor near the DO Tray Icon, the Tray Icon will disappear and DO is shut down. Sometimes you may need open a new lister and repeat the process several times to cause the shut down, other times just once.

It is worth noting that if the TIFF image is single clicked and displayed in the Filmstrip Viewer, then double clicked to display in the separate viewer, it works fine with no error message.

I think this problem may have been around for some time as I have had occasional unexplained shutdowns through various DO 8 versions, but I don’t use TIFFs very often and didn’t make the connection. I have disabled all of the plugin viewers with no change in the symptoms.

Is anyone else having a similar problem or can anyone verify the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike Noble

I cannot duplicate this. I followed your steps one by one and nothing unexpected happened. The Opus viewer shows the TIF fine, then closes normally with no crashes.

On a somewhat related subject, I've been trying to hammer down an Opus crash that happens occasionally when I change the text case of a file on a CompactFlash card. It hasn't happened often enough to be sure if it's removable media in general, CompactFlash cards specifically, or even if it's only related to this machine I'm using. I'll get it figured out one of these days, in the meantime I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else has experienced an occasional Opus crash when changing the text case of files on removable media.

Are the TIFF images large, can you zip one up and post it here?

Thanks for hte reply.

I converted several jpegs to tiff and they worked fine, so the question remains regarding the TIFFs I was using before. I have attached one of them in hopes that someone can determine the problem. I would suspect a corrupt file except that it works OK if you show it in the lister viewer before double clicking. Note that the crash only occurs after the error message shows up.


I haven't been able to reproduce this so far using your steps and TIFF image.

Does it still happen for you if you disable Preferences / Listers / Thumnails: Use multiple threads to generate thumbnails and Use shell image extraction for formats Opus does not understand?

(A problem due to the first option may explain why you need more than one image file to reproduce the problem.)

When you do have the problem, do are you running low on memory?

Thanks Leo, but no change. I also tried turning off 'Thumbnail Caching' to no avail.
There is a majorr memory usage spike when displaying the TIFF in either the viewer pane or internal viewer, from about 550 MB to 1 GB for a couple of seconds. The spike occurs aeven generating the Thumbnails for the TIFF file. This is a 1 GB system and the max memory commitment is about 1.2 GB with a max of 2.5 GB. Lots of free HD space.

I'll keep playing this weekend and try to pin down more info. Maybe I can find out more about the particular TIFF files. This isn't a major problem, just an annoyance.


The TIFF only uses a tiny amount of memory here. It's quite small 350x400 and looks like a scaled-down version of a much larger image. Is that definitely the TIFF that causes the problem, not a thumbnail version or anything like that?

That doesn't sound like the same file. I just downloaded the attachment fron the Resource Center. The file is MAP011_H.TIF and is 11479x13137x1 and 2.29MB.

The downloaded version still acts the same here.


Ah, it looks like a quirk of the forum software and Firefox. If you right-click the link and do View Image you end up downloading the thumbnail but if you left-click it you download the full-sized image.

I guess Firefox cannot display TIFF files so it turns inline ones (the thumbnail) into links and if you view them on their own it offers to download them.

Now that I've got the full-sized file my suspicion is it's a memory issue rather than a bad file. Decoding the image seems to use a lot of memory. Maybe this is to do with how the TIFF library works since, although the image is very high res, much less memory is in use after the decoding is done and the image is still being shown (i.e. the bitmap is still in memory).

Perhaps the TIFF library or something else isn't coping properly with the low-memory situation caused by so much being used by the decoder.

I still can't repro the crash myself but I'm monitoring my memory and while the RAM usage almost maxes out briefly, there's still plenty of pagefile space.

Sorry to be so long getting back to the problem. Since it seems to be size, as well as format, related, I have increased RAM to 2GB (even tried 3GB for test) just in case. I’ve also tried utilizing a separate AGP video card in lieu of the MB Integrated Graphics system. After doing a variety of tests, the crash still exists. I seem to be able to recreate the error, even with certain large jpegs, but it now does not seem to crash with jpeg. TIFF is a different story. After getting the “’filename’ is invalid or not a recognized picture format” error (sometimes it takes causing the error several times), DOpus will close down after closing the lister. I’m open to any ideas, but I hesitate to attach a large file set (possibly several hundred MB but I can cause it with just 2 files totaling about 20MB) for test until specifically needed.

Thanks for your help. I will try to supply whatever additional information is needed.


For what it's worth, I can replicate this crash on my machine using the TIFF file provided, although my crash happens in a slightly different way. As soon as I try to open the TIFF, my available memory goes from about 300 megs to about 4 megs, and after 30 seconds or so, things come back to almost normal, although with a noticable drop in system speed. After going about my normal business, even file management business within DOpus, about 4 or 5 minutes later, DOpus's process ends without warning.

I've been able to replicate this consistently several times now, but only using the original steps and the particular TIFF file provided. Something to do with the size (pixel-wise) of the image and DOpus's attempt to preview it, perhaps? That particular TIFF file is 11479 x 13137 pixels, and opens perfectly in IrfanView.


OK. A bit more on the crash problem.
First, I have gotten around it by using IrfanView instead of the DOpus separate viewer.

The problem seems to be memory related based on what I see but who knows. Opening the TIFF files with Irfanview, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, etc. shows a minimal (few MB) memory hit. Opening the same large TIFF in DOpus, including the in lister viewer, takes a ~600 MB hit. I have also seen several bits of odd behavior when switching from viewing a large jpeg to a large tiff – sometimes the tiff won’t display until I display a much smaller image of some kind. This might be related to the viewer not releasing the memory used (about 300MB) viewing a jpeg before switching to the tiff. The memory is also not released when switching to another large jpeg so the total goes to about 600MB briefly before dropping back to 300MB.

Anyway, I would love to see this fixed but I’m not sure what to try next, therefore Irfanview.

Thanks for you help.


I neglected to mention another oddity. In Filmstrip mode, if you click on an image to view it in the lister viewer, then click on a different image before the first is displayed, then another, etc. DOpus can get into a mode that won’t display some of the images at all. This takes fairly large images to give you time to get to the next one. This also seems to be unreleased memory related.