DOpus crashes Powerpoint with empower Addin


as in the topic I suspect that the combination of DOpus and a Powerpoint (2007) addin named empower ( causes latter to crash. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain why I suspect this.

The empower addin use on my office laptop (Win7 64Bit with DOpus installed) lets you easily create an agenda and the slides for the agenda topics consistent with our CI guidelines. Once you enter the agenda topics I will create the slides making heavy use of VB or similar stuff which I do not know of. As I repeatedly encountered crashes of Powerpoint when using this feature I contacted our company IT. Together we found out that the crash can be avoided if I close DOpus completely (Exit DOpus from the tray icon). So, the case is solved for our company IT and the empower guys as the just say "Do not DOpus on your company laptop". But this would be last option for me as I love DOpus. That's why I am reporting it here and asking for help.

I do not have much information as what I said before except that our company IT mentioned that there was another issue with empower and LANDesk from Intel regarding the Clipboard.
Additionally I attached two pictures showing DOPus crashing right after using empower and starting Powerpoint again (Happens not all the time).

Any thought how to solve this riddle?


Opus doesn't touch Powerpoint, so whatever is happening to crash Powerpoint is happening within Powerpoint or the Powerpoint addin in question.

If something Opus does differently is in turn causing problems for the addin then it's something only the addin's makers can determine (unless it's opensource). If they can do that, and it turns out to be a problem in Opus rather than the addin, then we can make changes. But we have no idea why a Powerpoint addin would even interact with a filemanager.

Hi Leo,

I know that Dopus does not nothing DIRECTLY with Powerpoint, but there is something within DOpus (maybe with respect to the Clipboard or any other interaction) that causes the combination of DOpus and empower to crash.

So I thought GPSoft could try to determine together with the empower vendor what is root cause. I cannot contact the empower vendor because I have to contract with empower and my company does not bother if only one has the problem. DOpus is also not sanctioned officially within the company, so its clear for them "Do not use DOpus". So I am lost.

I'm not sure what we could do to help, since we do not have the source to their add-in, and if they want to debug their add-in with Opus installed then they can do that already.

All we could do is contact them and point them to this thread, but if they then had further questions (e.g. they don't see a crash and need to know more about how you have your machine set up) then we wouldn't know the answers, so it seems better for someone experiencing the problem to talk to Empower.

(Especially when Empower seems to be causing a third thing -- Intel LANDesk -- to crash, unrelated to Opus. Seems like the problem is on the Empower side?)

Leo, I understand. But the problem is that nobody at empower is interested in solving as I am not their customer and my company is not your customer. (Would you try solve a problem for someone who is not your customer (Linked account!)?)

That's why I asked here as I am your customer. I know I am also but one customer having this problem but the only guys I could write to is GPSoft.

We'd try to solve any crash/incompatibility that were were able to debug on our side, regardless of who reported it.

The problem is that we cannot debug a crash that's happening in someone else's process (Powerpoint), in someone else's code within that process (the Empower addin). We just can't do it. (Well, not without spending weeks debugging raw assembler, unless we got really lucky somehow.) None of it is our code so we have nothing to debug.

When our own code crashes inside another process, we can debug that. And when someone else's code (e.g. a shell extension) crashes inside our process, we can often debug that as well (by seeing what our process was doing when it started interacting with the 3rd party component). But here we seem to be talking about a situation where our code isn't directly involved.

The Opus crashes in your screenshots, which happen after the addin has already crashed in Powerpoint, might be something we could debug, but I suspect they're just a consequence of the main problem which has already happened by then. (Presumably the addin also acts as a shell extension, or hooks into the OLE Clipboard stuff, else I can't see why it would be affecting Opus.) We might be able to add a workaround for that, but it probably wouldn't reveal anything that would fix the problems in Powerpoint.

I've requested a trial version from empower anyway, and am waiting to hear back from them (another way it would be easier for them than us to debug this :slight_smile:) but I doubt there is much we will be able to do on our side unless something obvious jumps out when I try it.

Update: Got a response from them already, and they sound interested in getting to the bottom of things.

The Empower folks need some info which I've emailed you about, via the address on your forum account.

Please let me know if you don't get the email (e.g. old address on the account).