Dopus Crashing System in Vista

When I close Dopus or when I exit Vista after using Dopus, many times I get a blue screen. It's definitely Dopus, so I need to determine the problem.

First question - When I shut down Dopus, I see in Task Manager that "dopus.exe" is still running in "Services". I can find no option in Dopus to prevent this, that is, to shut it down completely after I close the application itself. Where is that option?

Secondly, has anyone had problems with Dopus and Linux EXT2/3 running in Vista? I have an external hd formatted with EXT3 and sometimes when copying files between my Vista hd and the EXT3 hd the system slows to a crawl and other programs will even stop responding for a bit. I have a dual processor and 2 GB memory so obviously this shouldn't be happening during a simple copy process.

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Please read the FAQs before posting. Otherwise a lot of people waste a lot of time answering questions which can be easily be resolved with a little reading and searching.

One of your questions is answered by reading this faq. There's a faq which deals with general slow-down / instability issues which may resolve your copy problems.

We also ask that you don't post multiple questions in one thread.

As for Opus causing a blue screen when you exit it I haven't come across this, although when you say "when I exit Vista" are you running Opus under some sort of Vista emulation on Linux ?

Applications like Opus can't cause bluescreens; only drivers* can cause them. (Drivers for hardware or for virtual devices like ISO mounting or encrypted HDDs. I'm not sure if the EXT2/3 filesystem driver might be able to cause a bluescreen as well.)

(*More accurately, code that runs inside the Windows kernel like drivers do, rather than at the application level like Opus and most other programs do.)

dopus.exe should never appear in the Services tab of Task Manager. Are you sure it was in there and not in Processes that you saw it? If something else has started dopus.exe as a service then something has gone very wrong. (Opus would never start itself as a service, though.)

I'm running Vista, I'm running the EXT3 driver within Vista because I have an external drive formatted with EXT3.

The blue screen is definitely something to do with Opus. If I start up Windows and run all my normal apps except Opus, there is no problem when I exit Windows. However if I run Opus then I do get a blue screen when I exit Windows. I also get a blue screen many times when I close Opus and at no other time or with any other app.

Yes, I meant to say the Processes tab, not Services. Thanks.

Also, I have "Shut down OPUS when last lister closes" checked but dopus.exe is still in the Processes tab after OPUS has been closed.

Try the experiment with your EXT3 external drive disconnected and see if it still does it.