DOpus default process priority?

Is it just me or is 'Below Normal' the default process priority? If so, why? Thanks!

Where are you seeing that?

Normal is the default priority, and we don't change it for the whole process (only individual threads), but something else might be changing it on your system.

Task Manager and Process Explorer say it's set to Below Normal.

Like others have mentioned, I have also experienced some delay or lag during heavy/medium disk activity situations while navigating and accessing file/folder context menu (does not occur in explorer, which by the way is running in normal priority). Changing the DOpus priority to normal removes the lag.

It could happen if Opus was launched by something that was set to low priority.

(Or something which explicitly launched Opus as low priority, or something that changed the priority after launch.)

Do you have other low-priority processes running that might be likely to launch Opus?

I think I've found a more likely potential cause:

If Opus is not currently running, and then is launched via Explorer Replacement, and the process launching it is UAC elevated, the result is an Opus process set to low priority.

Could that be what's happening?

We'll fix that in the next update. But if it doesn't sound like what's happening on your system then it could still be one of the other possibilities in my previous reply.

Update: The installer also does this if Opus is launched from there (since it's an elevated process) and you haven't rebooted since the last install/update. (We'll fix that as well.)

Task Scheduler (taskeng.exe) is the parent process of the running instance of DO, it's starting things at Below normal priority, although the taskeng.exe process itself has a normal priority. It appears if I load a Lister Layout from the pinned taskbar jumplist it will be passed to taskeng.exe with the lower priority, whereas if I just click the icon it'll run with the normal priority.


That confirms what's happening, and the fix will be in the next update.

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As always, thanks for caring with your fast replies and fixes!


Thanks for raising it!