DOpus displays old icon for filetype

Today I have changed an icon for EPUB filetype (using DOpus Filetype Editor). Explorer respects that change, but DOpus still displays the old icon, even if respective lister is refreshed.

Directory Opus Pro (4731) x64
OS 6.2 (B:9200 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Restart Opus and it should pick up the new icon.

Ok (not sooner than with new system reboot, required by installation of new beta). Anyway I think that it would be cool if DOpus would not require such hard method (Windows Explorer, that is otherwise inferior to DOPus, does not require).

I agree that if possible, it would be "nice"... but what about exiting and restarting Opus is so hard a method? You don't have to reboot the machine... and it takes a few seconds.

...that leads to conclusion that not method is hard but user is lazy (or so stupid that even does not know how to exit program*). Seriously... I do not want to say that this issue is big. Anyway this is symptom of some imperfectness of program that developers eventually may be willing to fix in spare time.

*) From my experience: If new version of DOpus is installed and is waiting for reboot DOpus cannot be restarted. In such case it says something about mismatching version of dopuslib.dll.

A number of the applications I use have Restart buttons to cope with just such situations.

Trivial, I realise, but is that not feasible for Opus?