DOpus does not recognize my Lumia 710 via MTP

Dear DOpus team,

I have DOpus (4779) x64 and a Lumia 710 smartphone.

However when I plug it up via USB, it asks me to install Zune. How can I access the data on the phone directly using MTP? I does not show up under "computer" neither as a device nor in "Network".


That doesn't sound like the phone is actually connecting as an MTP device. Does it show up in Windows Explorer as one?

Dear Leo,

thanks for your super-fast reply (as usual).

As always you're right :wink:. The phone also doesn't show up in the normal Windows Explorer. However, as I understand from many forum discussions that I read like this one here: ... -7-is.html

Lumia 710 supports MTP and e.g. Music files can be accessed using music software directly.

Is there any possibility that I can have that directly from DOpus? I was using Zune, but this Software is just shocking and a direct DOpus integration would obviously be much nicer.



I don't know, it may only be visible as MTP if the Zune software isn't installed, or if you configure the phone to connect in a different way. The page you linked to talks about using MTP to talk to the phone from Linux.

If you can get it to show up as an MTP device in Explorer then it should also show up as one in Opus, but how you go about doing that is a question for experts on that type of phone.

Ok thanks.

I'll be digging through the Nokia forums some more, but so far I haven't found anything there either. I'll come back here when / if I find some proper solution or otherwise will be stuck with the curse word zune.