Dopus doesn't work after installing purchased certificate

I'd be grateful if anyone can help with this. I purchase a licence for DOpus with about 20 days left of the evaluation period. When I installed it, the licence manager said the new certificate was accepted, but when I try to start DOpus it says the certificate is invalid.

I've emailed support, but received no reply. I've applied for an evaluation certificate and installed that. The email said it was valid until 26 January but when I install it it says it's expired.

Yesterday I had a fully functioning product under evalution; today, I've paid for the licence and it won't work at all! :angry:

I appreciate your frustration, but this forum is not really designed for such problems.

When did you email support? Don't forget GP Software is in Australia, a different timezone to the US.

As to your actual problem - there have been a few people with certificate issues lately, we aren't sure yet what is causing it although it seems like some sort of Antivirus/Firewall/Antispyware type clash.

In most cases the problem can be worked around by rebooting into safe mode and reinstalling your certificate.

Jon, thanks for your reply; that seems to have fixed the problem. :smiley:

I think it would be useful to have such a problem, and its solution, reported on this forum. I searched but couldn't find anything about it. If I had seen the suggested answer then I would have tried your suggestion and the problem would have been solved even quicker.

We were going to add it as a FAQ but decided not to, because if people were able to solve it themselves we would have no chance at all of finding out what is causing it.

This has only started happening in maybe the last month or so - so it must be a new version of some software that has just come out that is causing it.

Kind of like how a bunch of drag & drop error reports popped up just after Nero 7 was released - we were able to track that down (with the help of the cdfreaks forum) to the Nero 7 installer removing registry keys it wasn't supposed to.

Something is stopping the Opus certificate from being installed correctly - when you reboot into safe mode you are basically disabling all extraneous programs from running, and so the problem disappears. We need to try to work out which program is actually causing this issue.

Out of interest, what are you running in the way of Antivirus/antispyware/firewall etc type "protection" programs?

Antivirus: Norton (wasn't running when attempted to install certificate)
Antispyware: Spyware Doctor
Firewall: ZoneAlarm Pro

None of the logs showed any activity at the time I was trying to install the certificate.

Hope this helps.

Well, recently ZoneAlarm was ID'd as the culprit behind some double-click failures in Opus... I hosed my system doing some driver development testing and need to restore a backup image this weekend. If I get a chance I'll go back to a pre-Opus image and test around a bit with some of these apps to see if it breaks my certificate install.