Dopus Error while loading bigger gifs

"Not all frames of the animation were loaded due to memory requirements"

I'm using a gif maker to keep track of my work, but when a file is to big, dopus can't play it anymore, I have tried other gif players but the lack of scrolling through the gif I'm missing as what is implemented in dopus.

Is there a way to reserve more memory for this? (system has 16GB RAM and using 46%)

There isn't a way to change that. The gif viewer decodes every frame into memory in advance (so that it can do things like play backwards), which can use a huge amount of memory with very large (frame count and resolution) gifs.

It's unusual to run into that warning these days, since most gifs more than fit into the amount of RAM on a typical machine and larger things are usually encoded in a proper video format instead, but it can happen, as you've found.