Dopus.exe flagged as ransomware by Zonealarm

I updated to 12.30 and since then Zonealarm/checkpoint security keeps on flagging dopus.exe as ransomware, treating it and putting it in quarantine. I have tried to set it to ignore but it is not working.

Zonealarm state it is not a problem on their side (opf course!).

Is there an issue or should I downgrade or is there another solution?

Check the installer is signed and hasn’t been tampered with. (Instructions are near the top of the FAQ list, if needed).

Use Virus Total to see what other antivirus think.

It’s usually a false positive, unless you got the installer from somewhere dodgy.

Installer downloaded from Download Directory Opus and both the certificates appear to have been issued to GPSoftware. Using Virus Total this was reported about Zonealarm:
ZoneAlarm by Check Point Undetected Zoner Undetected
I would agree this is a False Positive.
Thank you.