Dopus_fileinfo crash with GPS metadata, CopyTrans codec

Hello! I have the exact same problem now on the latest beta.

Please see if there are any crash logs:

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Oops, I've sent them to

Your crash is caused by a bug in a Windows DLL, which seems to be triggered by the format of GPS coordinates used in one or some of the photos.

It could also involve WIC image format codecs that are installed by other software, as they may be responsible for extracting the data and could be outputting it in the wrong format which causes the Windows DLL to crash.

For example, the snapshots shows the CopyTrans HEIC codec is loaded, and could be involved. (But it may also be an innocent bystander. There's nothing pointing to it in the call stack, and I'd only suspect it if there are HEIC photos in the folder you're listing.)

Hello! I removed Copytrans and it was indeed the culprit. I also use DirectoryOpus on my home PC, did not install Copytrans there and have no problems with it. Thank you so much for your help!

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It’s probably worth sending a couple of files that trigger the problem to the CooyTrans developers. I’m sure they’d want to fix things if they can.