DOpus freezes (due to Brazillian bank security software)


My greetings for this community, in my first topic posting.

I was running the trial version 12.1 seamlessly under a brand new instance of Windows 10 64 bits. Then I purchased a license and used the suggested link to download version 12.2. After installing it, I can no longer use the software.

After opening a lister for the first time, or clicking on any link to open any folder, the software just hangs and no mouse click on it is possible. The "loading" little circle replaces the mouse pointer in every area inside DOpus window, although the mouse pointer is active outside DOpus window. Even moving, or minimizing the window, or closing it is possible; the only way to stop DOpus then, is from a hard kill from task manager.

I noticed though that DOpus will not freeze if I chose "run as an administrator" but this will not work since the instance will be unique, there'll be no Explorer replacement etc.

Would you kindly help me to unravel this?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

W. da Silva

Does it stay frozen even if you wait about 30 seconds?

With Opus in the frozen state, please do the following:

[ul][li]Open Task Manager and click on its Details tab.[/li]
[li]Find dopus.exe and right-click it.[/li]
[li]Select Create dump file. (It should then tell you where the file has been created.)[/li]
[li]Zip the dump file and email it to[/li][/ul]

That will usually let us see where the freeze is coming from.

Hello Leo

The freezing stays put. It's not a temporary status.

I have just sent you the requested DMP file.

Thank you for expedite care,


Thank you for the DMP file.

What it shows is rather curious. All of the program's threads look live and as I'd expect them to be just after the program has started. I can see a thread for one, which appears to be waiting for user input. From the look of the DMP, none of the threads appear hung in any way; instead they are all waiting to be asked to do something. That would normally mean the lister window, for example, would respond to mouse and keyboard input.

This makes me wonder if the problem is somehow outside of Opus, and if something might be blocking input from reaching the program.

The most likely candidate there would be an antivirus or similar tool, but I've never seen one do this before so even that doesn't seem that likely. Still, it might be worth a try to disable a/v and see if Opus can be restarted, in case it is that.

Renaming the C:\Users[i]username[/i]\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Script AddIns folder and restarting Opus is also worth a try, in case a script add-in is doing something unexpected. Shell Extensions could also cause problems, but I can see via the DMP file that there are no unusual shell extensions, so it is probably not one of those (unless they had already unloaded themselves, which is possible).

Have any other programs been behaving strangely, or is it just Opus?

Is anything installed that changes the normal way windows looks & behaves, or the way the mouse and keyboard works?


Tks for your reply.

The only non-standard scenery in my notebook is the block on Windows Defender. I use another antimalware tool, which I may tell you which in private if needed. I disabled this tool but DOpus still freezes. I also removed the ScriptAddins folder as you suggested; but I noticed that this folder was empty with a single CLI child, empty subfolder as well. But even freezing. DOpus created a new ScriptAddins folder, emptied again.

This notebook has a recently installed Windows 10 Pro 64 instance. It's pretty much simpler than my desktop, which is though similar. DOpus 12.2 is running smoothly in my desktop, which has much more components and startup items than the affected notebook.

I have attached to this reply a snapshot of the startup items this notebook has. Nothing unusual: "Gas Technology" is a banking security component, which in my desktop does not prevent DOpus to run.

I also run a sfc /scannow but no disruption was found.

Let me know please if some additional input is needed.

Tks again,

Kind regards,


Oops - I was not entirely accurate in my last post. I have disabled the startup items from Services but did not reboot. After rebooting, most of those startup items did not start and now DOpus is running. It will take some minutes, but I will enable the services one by one to see which is making DOpus crash. I'll then update this post.

Sorry for my blunder.

:slight_smile: W.

Hello Leo

In this notebook, the culprit was the banking security component, developed by a Brazilian company and widely used as a protection tool, and a necessary requirement, for running Internet banking of major banks in Brazil. Weird enough, the very same component - even in the same version - is installed in my desktop, yet not preventing DOpus to run there. It is not the first time that this component causes me some trouble.

I try to follow the principle of avoiding, whenever possible and suitable, explicit mentions to other companies or software in the fori I joined, be it for praise or criticism. So if you allow me, I will send the detailed information to your email. However, feel free please to post yourself whatever needed info here, if it helps other users.

Thank you for your assistance on this.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the info!

It seems like a general problem with that security software. For example, here's a case where it makes the Windows Photo Viewer freeze after recent Windows 10 updates: ... indows-10/

Unfortunately, a lot of security software causes more problems than it solves.

Hi Leo

Tell me about it. Those pieces of security software sometimes backfire. In trying to clean a baby's bathtube, they wash away the baby herself.

Just for our record - I have reinstalled the security component and now DOpus runs fine. In that case, it seems that the install order may make some diference; else the previous install was glitchy. Anyway, the thread is solved up.

Thank you again for your guidance, which allowed me to debug this more easily.

Greetings for all.


I have this exact same problem. I had to laugh (out loud of course) at your wording, "The little circle replaces the mouse pointer when Dopus hangs" because it's so true. I just paid to download and install the upgrade because I have been using Dopus for 5 years now seamlessly and without problems until I upgraded.

My upgrade version is 11.19, so I'm not sure what this means if you upgraded to version 12.2. I always just assumed that when a new version came out for a program and you upgrade, everyone upgraded to the same "new version". Perhaps you're part of an elite group that I'm not privy to (like those who've been invited to the government's underground bomb shelters after some idiot decides it's a good idea to launch a nuclear weapon).

Either way, if this is going to continue with the hanging and freezing, I'd really just prefer to reinstall my old version because I was using that just fine and with my work, I need a reliable file program that works quick and efficient like Dopus used to do. Mom always did say if it works, don't fix it. Next time there's an upgrade, I'm going to think twice before jumping on it.

Do you mean you're also using security software provided by a Brazillian bank? If not, then it's not the "exact same" problem. Please start a new thread if you have a different tech support issue.

Opus 12 was released about 3 weeks ago (11.19 came out in June). If you upgraded to Opus 11 after March 1st then you can upgrade to Opus 12 for free from our website.