DOpus Hot-Key Support for window functions (Minimize, Maximi

Jon & Greg,
Congratulations on all the recent critical acclaim you've received on DOpus 8!:smiley: It is praise very well deserved, and hard-earned by dealing with meticulous users (like myself), and rabid techo-dreamers like most of us DOpus Disciples.

Now, if you two would kindly add this enhancement, you will 100% replace one of other my long-time favorite tools--WinKey, a shareware hot key manager.:sunglasses:

I've used WinKey for about two more years than DOpus (DOpus for Windows that is). But with intelligent planning of one's DOpus hot key configuration, and utilization of the "System-Wide" hot key option, DOpus becomes quite the handy hot-key manager.

However, a couple of Hot key Managers out there have support for the Windows functions: Maximize, Minimize, Restore, etc.

The closest DOpus has is:


[quote]LISTERCMD/K [Minimize, Maximize, Restore, ShowAll, MinimizeAll, TileH, TileV, Cascade]:

This option is used to perform a Lister management command. Minimize, Maximize and Restore let you modify the window state of the active Lister. ShowAll makes all open Listers display themselves if they are minimized or behind another window. MinimizeAll causes all open Listers to be minimized. TileH, TileV and Cascade are used to automatically arrange open Listers on the screen.[/quote]

However the options above operate on DOpus windows only, even though all of these actions are really Windows functions.


  1. Zoom is missing from the list above, and it should be included for DOpus window control.

  2. Could some of these functions be duplicated with the following command?

Set WINDOWCMD/K [Minimize, Maximize, Restore, ShowAll, MinimizeAll, TileH, TileV, Cascade]

The difference would be that:

WINDOWCMD options would control any window, DOpus or otherwise so it could be assigned to a Hot Key with the "system-wide" option in DOpus Customize -> Keys.


A. It's just a whole lot faster navigating between file listers, and application windows with hot-keys, than the mouse-keyboard-shuffle. It's a huge productivity boost.

B. The ego boost of DOpus having completely displaced another utility (like: Windows Explorer, WinZip, WSFTP, half a dozen file viewers, etc, etc.)