DOPUS in Notification Area (tray)

In DOPUS 10.x, a left click on the icon in the notification area brings up a kind-of jump list. As does a right click. In previous versions, a single left click fired up the launcher window. Now, it takes a double click. Is there a setting that reallows this? Or, are we stuck with left and right mouse clicks performing the same thing?

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I like the changes in version 10, and the 10.0.1 update fixed a few of the minor bugs I'd seen.

Win 7 Enterprise SP1, Intel Core2, 2GB memory.

Launcher window? Not sure what you mean by that.

Could you post a screenshot of what you are clicking on and what you are seeing when you do?

Hi Leo, I meant lister (not launcher) sorry. A double left click fires up a lister from the notification tray area. In DOPUS 9, and 8 (can't remember if 7 or 6 did it) a single click launched the lister. Now a single left or single right click brings up what looks like a Windows 7 jump list.

I've attached a word file with the images from the notification (tray) area included.


Your memory is inaccurate - a single left-click never did anything. It always required a double-click to open a new Lister.

Unless you configured your mouse – through its software and/or macros – to make a notification area left click execute a double click.

No ideas why you would want to do it, or if it applies to this user, but to be so dogmatic is dangerous in these days of configurability gone mad. I have to be careful not to tell my Logitech device – I don't use a mouse – not to do silly things. It offers a bewildering array of options.

I don't think he was being dogmatic at all though :wink:... such a scenario as you describe would have had nothing in the world to do with Opus... and would have been something else a user went out of their way to setup and configure.

I don't have Win7 - so I don't know what the "Win7 Jump List" looks like or what's on it... but I wonder if the OP is mistaking whatever he's clicking on now and comparing, to the old WinXP "Quick Launch" Toolbar with traditional program shortcuts on it that single clicks on caused the app to open...?

Good thought. Windows 7 certainly changes what goes on in the taskbar.

No more "Quick Launch".

As that could all too easily look like the notification area (aka system tray, just to make life difficult), with very different click results for identical icons, you may be on to something.

Single click an icon in "Quick Launch" launches the program whereas, unless you have done something out of the ordinary, that doesn't happen in the notification area.

Thanks all.

My problem was not with an Icon in the Quick Launch area. It was definitely the Windows Notification Area (tray). Memory being what it is, I'm confused. Maybe I did something in Windows to do this, but, I don't remember doing it. I do remember that in DOPUS 8 and 9 in both Windows XP and Windows 7, a single left mouse click opened a lister. In DOPUS 10, a single left mouse click opens a quasi-jump list. It's an iconized menu that includes things like: Open New Lister, Preferences, Customize, File Types, Lister Layout, Output Window, About Directory Opus, and Exit. And, just so I'm clear, a single right mouse click opens the same quasi-jump list.

Is there a reason why the left and right mouse button do the same thing? I don't know. It would be nice if they did something different.
Is there a way to customize DOPUS to launch a lister on a single left mouse click from the notification area? I don't know. It would be nice, but, it's really not all that important. I'll just have to repalce what I recall as a single click with a double click. I'm not going to loose sleep over it. can get the Quick Launch task bar function in Windows 7. So, if you need it, you can restore it. It's a taskbar toolbar. You may have to point to it by adding a new toolbar, but, you can bring it back online if you want, and throw whatever apps/tools you need in it for ready access on the taskbar.

P.S. Leo, did my attachment ever post? I don't see it, so I probably screwed something up.

It's fairly common for both left and right buttons to open a menu when single-clicking a tray icon, and for double-click to invoke some other action. No all icons do it but that's what Opus and lots of others do.

You can change what's in the menu and what the double-click performs, but you can't change the single-click into a double-click or vice versa.

In Winodws 7, the tray icon is pretty much obsolete; the taskbar itself does this kind of thing now and there's little reason to add the additional clutter of the tray icon.

As you can see, the attachment did not post. I doubt the forum allows Word documents as attachments; if you want to post screenshots, use an image format such as JPG, PNG or GIF.

O.K. Thanks.