Dopus in silent mode. Less popups process info

Hi there.
I am just using opus to list all images on ftp server in thumbnail view mode (8 threads).
About 10 small windows pop ups "connect retry...".
My whole task-bar is full of them.
They become more, then less, then more again, then less an so on..

From too much info windows is harder to concentrate on the main work.

The same things is when i have multiple copy processes at once, each in its own queue.
5 or more Copy-Progress windows. An when want to start a new copy process, it will be auto appended first, until i choose to append or not. This auto appending pop one of the old copy windows on front, i click "run now", then i have 2 copy windows on front. So i have to minimize them. And this each time.
I don't want to have them along with my listers, but in an extra Panel, where every process is listed.

So my feature/setting suggestion:
Forcing unattended mode from preference setting.
Popup-Supression and Integration of copy processes in Utility/Progess Panel

Or is a solution already there?

[quote="aDopusUser"]I am just using opus to list all images on ftp server in thumbnail view mode (8 threads).
About 10 small windows pop ups "connect retry...".[/quote]

Is there anything in the FTP log indicating failed connections or similar?

I just checked on an FTP site and switching to thumbnails mode in a dir with 12 GIF/JPG images didn't show any additional windows. But maybe it would happen if the FTP server did not allow extra connections or something like that (which should show up in the log as connection failures & retries).

The FTP-Problem is easy to recreate.
It must not be images. Just files in thumbnailview
You can try on a public ftp server like
There are about 1000 files (in flatview).
My taskbar setting is "never groups together".
My Dopus-Thumbnail settings: 8 threads

How to recreate.

0.Start with empty tab, detailview
1.Open a ftp server
2.Select Flatview mixed nofolders
3.Change detailview to thumbnailview
4.Decrease the thumbnailsize to minimum

Its extreme. 30+ or even more retry connect windows appears, the task bar is overflowed with them (multiple rows).
Each of the windows try reconnect after few seconds, so they dont go away. Each one should be manually closed.

The ftp log errors are the following type

[quote]FD_CLOSE - WSAECONNABORTED: Software caused connection abort
Cannot Connect to Site.
[/quote] (4.04 MB) (25 KB)

Thanks for the site details.

I can reproduce the problem on that site, but not on another one that I tried.

Turning on thumbnails view while in Flat View on an FTP site will (at least if Opus is configured to generate thumbnails on multiple threads), result in several parallel connection attempts to the FTP site.

The progress dialog appears if the server does not respond at all to a connection response within a few seconds. The server you're seeing this on seems to behave that way if it gets too many connection requests. (Maybe it's configured to quickly blackhole connection attempts when there are more than a few, as a guard against denial of service attacks.)

The other server I tried has a connection limit but keeps responding when the limit is reached. (It responds with an error and disconnection, rather than ignoring the network request entirely so that it has to timeout.)

We might improve how this is handled in the future but, to be honest, we never envisaged using thumbnails + FTP + flatview in this way and they weren't really designed for this. (We've considered disabling thumbnails entirely on FTP sites in the past, although they seem to work OK in some cases, so maybe that would be overkill and upset people who are using them without problems at the moment.)

I am understanding the process and the resulting behavior.
The Error / Retry Messages are ok, they keep the user informed.
The only thing what is not ok, is that each messagebox pop for itself (due to multi-threading).

I have encounter this issue on 4-5 ftps for now. It not so big problem, when i know why i can avoid it.

But the other one is big obstacle for me.
The all copy windows.

When i have 5-6 listers opened in dual view, and make in each lister one or two copies of big files or many files and folders, i have 5-8 Copy-Progress windows.
With local hard drives take copying not long, but in LAN/WAN is not a second or too, its a while..
This is too much info.

I would like to have all copy processes combined together in a Process Panel. Similar to Synchronize or Find Panel - an expandable bar at the bottom of the lister.
Or something like the Copy-Windows itself the not for each copy jobs, but each queue.
Or may be with a folder-tree like structure: progress_tree->queue->job.

What do you thing?

That's quite a separate topic, but we've been thinking about that kind of thing for a future version.

This is something similar to what I've been requesting some time ago here.