DOpus Installer, desktop shortcut & system reboot

Am I the only one who deletes systematically the DOpus desktop shortcut after installing a new version?
I have this shortcut in my task bar so I didn't need it on my desktop and as it is installed in public desktop, it requests admin privileges to remove it which means I need to enter my admin password. (I'm logged every time in Windows as standard user).

1- So, Is it possible to have a simple check box during installation which allows to prevent desktop shortcut installation? It will be great.

2- Is there a way to prevent DOpus to request a system reboot after installing a new version? I mean, maybe closing manually everything which has to do with Opus could make the program works without the need of a Windows reboot. Does it work normally If I decide to start the program without rebooting Windows?
Well, it is not like if there are dozen of updates per month but I don't like to reboot my system and I prefer to use the hibernation so I don't need to close my opened programs (with opened files). As there are updates for Windows, I need to reboot at least one time per month. My firewall needs a Windows reboot also and I needed this week to reboot because of the new version of snagit. Now, few days later (=today), DOpus has been updated so I would like to know if there is a way to make Opus works without the need of a reboot. :question:

  1. Agreed, would also welcome the possibility for choosing startmenu-entry and where to place.

  2. After upgrade you can continue working with DO without restart (I never had problems), but afaik problems with some libs may occur on some operations. To be honest: You also need to restart most time after windows-updates and lots of other apps, so there's no really advantage. I also prefer a clean installation than a workaround or hack to avoid a restart.

The reboot is because global hotkeys and shell extensions cause one of the DLLs to get loaded into almost every process with a UI.

Thanks guys, so it may be possible everything I use works without any issue but it is a lot better to restart...hmm, I think I will use the restart option finally :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote="Sasa"]To be honest: You also need to restart most time after windows-updates and lots of other apps, so there's no really advantage.[/quote]As I said, when I finally decided to restart my system (which means I finally decided to install the program which needs a reboot), I am just annoyed when two days later another program is upgraded which request also to restart.
The best unrealistic way would be a kind of system panel where software developers could inform us ~one week before a new release that their programs will need a reboot so I could wait a little bit until all the scheduled programs are released :grin:, one reboot for all of them per week in the worst case.

....or just don't change a running sys :wink:

Ahah, but I am liking so much new features :grin: