Dopus_lister error

Hi All
My First Post ... :slight_smile: So Proud :slight_smile:
I am getting an error when I right Click a Drive letter.(Just gone to V11.0)
I get a dialog box popup.
"The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus_lister' at address 0x00007FFEEBE6B559."
The only option is to close down Opus and re start it.

Your thoughts?


That's probably caused by a bug in a 3rd party shell extension which adds itself to the context menu.

ShellExView can be used to see which shell extensions are on your system and to disable them, which lets you track down which is causing the problem:

I wohlde start with disk defrag, backup and repair tools, since they are most likely to add themselves to that menu and several such tools have had crashing bugs in their shell extensions in the past.

(If you encounter similar crashes when right clicking other files and folders, Opus can display some diagnostics which can help track down the problematic shell extension quicker, but they aren't available for the drive context menu, unfortunately, since it is built by Windows.)