Dopus_lister issue in drive right click


I encountered error (see screenshot) after I upgraded with Opus 10.5
This error happens when I right-click on a drive level or external thumb drive USB on the tree lister window. If I click yes it closes Opus and I can still relaunch it but everytime I right-click on the drive level, it gives me the same error again.

This does not happen if I right-click on the folder or subfolder level, only right-click on the drive level.

Please help to resolve this issue

This is most likely a faulty shell extension on your system.

See if the same is true in Windows Explorer.

You can use ShellExView to list and disable shell extensions. It's the ContextMenu ones you want to focus on.

Ones for Alcohol, O&O Defrag and Acronis TrueImage have caused problems with drive context menus in the past, so if you see extensions from them or any similar tools, try disabling them first in case it saves time.

turn out it was caused by Bitcasa shell extension ( -- I would like to still activate this if possible. This shell extension is causing issue on dopus but not in windows explorer. Is there a way to research the error and fix in future version?


It's difficult for us to tell why their code is crashing (since we don't have the source).

The best bet is to report the problem to Bitcasa and hope they're willing to look at the problem even though it doesn't seem to happen in Explorer.