DOpus lister window hangs on drag and drop from WinRAR

After updating to DOpus v10.5.1.0 from v10.5.0.0, trying to drag and drop any file(s) of any size (even a single 1kB-sized file) from WinRAR to a DOpus lister caused the lister to hang or freeze indefinitely, by which I mean it would not recover on its own after several minutes, and the only option was to kill the DOpus process in Windows Task Manager.

I posted requesting support under the thread entitled " Beta Regressions? Please confirm." but it seems the poster's issue and mine weren't related, hence this separate thread.

Looking through the DOpus options once again I found, under the "Advanced" section, a key named "dragdrop_async" and changed the value to "FALSE".

This appears to have worked around the issue for now, but I don't know if changing this setting is likely to cause other problems. If someone who knows about this setting could comment, I'd appreciate it.

Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else who runs into an issue like this.

My system specs:
ASUS G74SX notebook
Win7 x64

Which version of WinRAR are you seeing that with?

Changing dragdrop_async to FALSE will improve compatibility with other programs and make problems less likely, with the trade-off being that most drag & drops from other programs on to Opus will tie up the Opus window until the drop is complete.

Thanks for the info. WinRAR v4.20

FWIW, neither Jon nor I can reproduce what you're seeing with WinRAR 4.20 (64-bit) and Opus, and so far we haven't had any similar reports that I know of (except the one from the thread we were discussing this in originally, which now seems to be resolved and was something slightly different).


the problem can be reproduced with iTunes, too. Dragging an item from a playlist of iTuns to DOpus crashes DOpus. Changing "dragdrop_async" to false solves the problem.