Dopus Loads up very slow at pc restart

When I restart my pc it takes about 3 minutes or longer for dopus to load up in my taskbar. When I check my task manager I can watch the memory usage for it slowly go higher and higher until its fully loaded. This started happening when I received the latest update. Any know how to correct this?

Try deleting any file collections that you have (assuming you don't need to keep them). You can see them if you type coll:// into the address bar (note there are two L characters in the name, not col://).

Having a lot of files in collections can slow down Opus startup, at least with some versions of Opus 8. (Not sure if the latest version has improved this or if it's just something on the list of things to improve; it has been mentioned but I can't remember whether it was sorted out yet.)

If that doesn't help, does Opus load slowly for you if you exit it and restart if after booting? Or is it only slow during boot up? (It's normal for things to take longer during boot because lots of programs are starting at once, fighting over the disk and CPU, since Windows doesn't provide a mechanism to stagger application startup. Even Explorer isn't really usable when it first appears.)