DOpus makes buttons grey depending on

I have a button

[ul]Set VIEW=thumbnails,details*[/ul]which serves to alternate my files in a lister between thumbnail view and details view.

When the view is on the first description in the 2-item list -- that is, thumbnails -- the button displays my selected color scheme for that button, which is yellow text on red background.

However, when I click the button again, putting the view into the second description in the 2-item list -- that is, details view -- the button background becomes grey.

I did not ask for it to do that! It just did that on its own.

I've noticed other buttons sometimes show the same obdurate behavior. (Toggles come to mind. Or just some settings, like a button I have set to "Set SORTBY=created SORTREVERSE=Off") which displays my chosen colors when it's not selected, but when I click on it (thereby setting the sort order to that set by the button), the button becomes grey. And to me, grey is not exactly the color I would have chosen to indicate that something is indeed working properly, or that some status is currently in effect.

So, I was wondering two questions.

First is there a way to turn this behavior off?

And second, assuming the answer to the first question is "NO!", then is there any way I could control the colors. I don't like that grey. It reminds me of rainy days and options withheld.


You can use @toggle to change when/if toggle buttons appear "on" or pushed in.

The grey comes from the Windows visual style. It is the button theme for a pushed in button, but these days in Windows 10 buttons are just plain filled rectangles with an outline.

You can switch to the old Office 2003 toolbar style to prevent visual styles being used, under Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance, which gives you control over some of the colors.

You can also turn off visual styles for the program, although that will affect a lot more than just the toolbars and probably isn't what you'd want to do.