Dopus mode when selecting a folder/file in various programs

Sometimes a program makes me to select a folder, or a file.

When I download a file in IE, IE asks me where to save.
Suppose that a volume of multiple rar files was moved to a wrong folder by mistake. If I try to open them, winrar asks me to select the location of the missing volume.

In these cases, I have to browse using windows explorer.
I don't like windows explorer, because there is a bug - discordance of left panel and right panel.
The bug is a little bit hard to explain, but one thing is clear: if one can use dopus mode when selecting a folder/file in such programs, the problem is solved.

Opus does not replace the standard File Open / File Save dialogs.

There is no good way to do that in Windows, and everyone who has tried has run into problems and given up in the end.

An alternative is the various tools which exist to enhance the standard dialogs, many of which can talk to Opus (e.g. to quickly access the same folder you have open in an Opus window).

There is a nice program called Actual Window Manager that can enable fast access to Open/Save dialog windows. It does so by adding a button to Open/Save window title bars. You can add your most used/favorite folders to a list that is accessed by clicking on a button in a window's title bar. It works in tandem with Directory Opus quite nicely. Actual Window Manager can be found here:

Actual Window Manager can also track your recently used/accessed folders, via another button (separate from the Favorite Folders button) in a window's title bar. The number of folders to be included in your Favorite Folders list is user-configurable. The same goes with the number of folders tracked in the Recent Folders list. These buttons can also be added to a Lister's title bar, making access to favorite/recently accessed folders from within a Lister very easy and fast.

$49.95 for AWM? Really? And then showing a tutorial using WinXP?! I think GP has to rethink the price of DO :slight_smile:.

Listary is free ($20 for the Pro version). It adds functionality to the Open/Save dialog and interacts nicely with DOpus. Highly recommended.

Regards, AB

I've tried Listary in the past, but didn't care for it. Thank you for pointing it out though. It's appreciated.

Thank you! looks like listarray free version can do it.