Dopus not responding, Dopus freezes upon starting

I tried to search for this subject but could not find it. I have purchased Dopus about 2-3 month ago and I'm now facing constant crashes whenever I use it. I cannot find any references to this problem in the forums, that's why I've decided to initiate a post here.

Whenver I start Dopus, the program launches, then display its lister(s) as well as the content, but then freezes and eventually stops responding, forcing me to terminate the process. I have tried to "pre-load" Dopus at startup (and not) but nothing has changed this issue. I tried different listers configuration and it does not seem to impact this bug. Once out of 2-3 times, Dopus launches correctly and then functions just fine as long as there is a lister present at all times. It is a very inconsistent bug, and is certainly related to some programs running on my machine. Nevertheless, I've been unable to find a solution.

Also, since I installed Dopus, I've experienced DWWIN.EXE crashes upon logging off/restarting.

Please help me, as I cannot really use efficiently Dopus as it is. I believe it is a fantastic program, and hope to solve this issue.

My rough config is Windows XP pro-Dual 2.8 Xeon-2 gigs ram.

Thank you for your help

Such issues are very difficult to diagnose on other people's systems. Opus does not cause any known problems in such cases so there must be something else that is interfering with the boot process and or causing a conflict with Opus.

What else do you have installed and running on this machine at the same time? You will have to shut everything else down and see if this makes any difference.

Check the Collections you may have created and remove them. ** Careful - don't delete these since this will delete the REAL files. Use Remove.

There was an issue some months ago with old versions of McAfee antivirus.

Another suggestion would be to try this Microsoft suggested diagnostic of a clean boot then run Opus ... on_ols_nam

I would also try configuring Opus to open in a completely empty directory, in case it is a certain filetype (or the contents of a certain file) which is triggering the problem.

Disabling all Opus Viewer Plugins as well as Shell Thumbnail Extraction (via Prefereces, Listers, Thumbnails) is often a good idea when faced with crashes like this since it can help to isolate the cause of the problem, and whether it's internal to Opus or some kind of plugin, shell extension, video codec or whatever.

At least in older versions of Opus (I think it's done in the background now), startup time can be improved by deleting any collections that you no longer need. Type coll:// (note the two Ls) into the Opus path bar and delete any collections you see there, then restart Opus and see if it's improved.

You might want to try running FileMon to see which files Opus is accessing during startup. This often provides clues as to what operations are being performed which might reveal the cause of the problem.

Thank you very much for your help. I will investigate the matter thanks to the different methodologies you provided. I will try to inform you of the possible conflicts I find as I keep working on this issue...