DOpus not to front on double-click desktop

Not a big issue, but I noticed about 9 out of 10 times I doubleclick on the desktop to open a lister that lister opens behind opened programs like winamp or sticky notes.
Does anyone else have this?


Now happening to me 10 times out of 10.

Seems to have coincided with my switch to Win8 64-bit, but I'd not swear to that.

DO latest beta, all of the time.

It's not happening to me Bernard and I also have a Windows 8, latest Opus Beta setup.

Regards, AB

Thanks AB...

As the OP said, not a big issue, but I'd like to know why it has happened all of a sudden.

As you can imagine, with a new Win8 installation, there are lots of changes which could be the culprit. :unamused:

Wishful thinking, of course, hoping someone would be able to say, "all you need to do is..."