DOpus oddities :: refresh and "shortcut to"

Couple of quick questions:

  1. Since I cannot get auto-refresh to work on junction-mounted targets that point to an external USB drive, is there a way to add "refresh" as a context-menu command so I can right click instead of pressing f5 all the time?

  2. Is there a special way to make the "shortcut to" prefix on shortcuts go away with DOpus? I've turned it off everywhere else on the system, but it still persists within DOpus.


Of course you can add button on toolbar/context menu/by clicking on lister background... using refresh command

[quote]REFRESH/O[, tree, both, all, source, viewpane]: The REFRESH option is used to re-read
and redisplay the folder in the active Lister. With no value defined for this option, only the current folder is
refreshed. The tree option causes the Folder Tree to be refreshed (if displayed). The both option causes
both file displays of a dual-file display Lister to be refreshed. The all value refreshes both file displays and
the Folder Tree. The source value refreshes the source file display and the Folder Tree, but not the
destination file display. The viewpane option causes the image currently previewed in the Viewer Pane to
be refreshed.[/quote]

Preferences/File Operations - Shortcuts

you can download manual and search "refresh" and "shortcut". :smiling_imp:

Good point. I've gotten into the habit of searching forums only, since so many apps don't have documentation as great as that of DOpus.