DOpus opens 20 windows when I sign into my laptop

When I sign into my Surface Go (2018) I am happily greeted by Directory Opus 20-30 times, which im very surprised hasn't broken my computer yet. I dont know whats happening, it was working fine before, this only started to happen yesterday (November 10th) and cant seem to find anyone else with this problem!

This usually happens when Opus is configured to re-open the windows which were open before, and people never close the old windows and keep accumulating new ones.

You can right click Opus on the taskbar and the menu will include an option to close all windows at once. If you use that and reboot, do they still appear again?

There are settings in Opus which make new tabs open instead of new windows, if you're finding you're accumulating windows by accident.

Another possibility is that another program is asking for the windows to be opened at boot. Try turning off Explorer Replacement and see if it still happens. If Explorer windows open instead of Opus ones then that tells you it's triggered by something else.