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DOPUS, Pics, Mark - nothing happens


Windows 10 Professional, 1703, DOpus 12/latest update. Nothing happens when I click “Mark” on the PICS toolbar. Any suggestions as to how I can get “Mark” to work as described in the DOpus “The Standalone Picture Viewer” or the “Image Marking” section of the OPUS manual. Any help would be much appreciated.


Make sure these are on for the default behavior:

  • Preferences / Viewer / Behavior:
    • Display Marked Pictures pane when a picture is marked
    • Save marked images to a file collection


Thanks Leo,but they were already on for the default behavior.




I have a similar setup to you and Marking a picture from the viewer works for me. I assume you are selecting a sub-set of pictures for a collection. When I mark a picture I get a star icon on the top left of the viewer window and Marked Pictures folder under File Collections just like in the help files.



What you are describing is exactly what I am trying to do. See attached. Again, when I press Mark nothing happens.


That functionality only works in the standalone viewer. It doesn’t work in the viewer pane inside a Lister.