Dopus.queuedfunction crash 0xc0000005

I am acitively moving folders - this include pictures, saved emails, files... everything. Nearly every 20 minutes i get:

The Error (0xc0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus.queuedfunction' at address 0x0000000778B32D0.

Directory Opus needs to close, however you can choose to save your current lister layout and automatically restart Opus once it is terminated.

I use this for my day job, and this error is getting pretty frequent. Is there a fix for this?

You mean dopus.queuedfunction, right? There were some typos in your post which I've corrected to help people searching. Please shout if my correction is wrong and it's really meant to be a different thread name.

You've specified Opus 9 in your profile which was just created, but Opus 9 did not have any threads called dopus.queuedfunction (or anything similar that I can find).

What's the exact version of Opus are you using? (You can use the Copy button in the About dialog to put the full version details into the clipboard.)

Please also link your account.

yes sorry... dopus.queuedfunction.

I was incorrect about the version as well.

Directory Opus 10
Version (4779) x64


Have any crash dumps been created matching the date & time of the crashes in question?

Please link your account.


this one just happened. it happens all the time, but i havent looked to make sure all crashed had the same error code.

I linked my account.


Please zip up that .dmp file (and any other recent ones, if you can and assuming they are not too large) and email it to -- We'll then see if it points to a likely cause of the crash.

If you can think of anything else that might be relevant, please let us know as well. e.g. Does it only happen when copying between certain drives or certain directories, and is there anything unusual about the drives involved (e.g. NAS devices, cloud storage, that type of thing).

I had sent my minidumps to you (yesterday). lol.

Email from cthompson@ander....

I have sent a couple emails with my minidumps and it seems more now than before that my opus is crashing a little too often.

It's frustrating. Opus is a great program - but i cannot keep it open long enough to work fluidly. I dont know what to do past sending my mini dumps. Im not really getting any responses.

Hi, Unfortunately the dump files did not point to any particular component. It looks like a shell extension is corrupting memory when it runs, but the corruption does not trigger a crash until later on, when something else trips over the mess it has left behind, and something different ends up crashing in each of the dump files.

The best thing to do is run ShellExView and disable all of the non-Microsoft shell extensions, then fully exit Opus & restart it. If the problem does not reoccur, re-enable the shell extensions a few at a time until it comes back, which then tells you the likely problem extension is one of the ones you just re-enabled, and you can narrow it down to a single extension from there.