Dopus shows folder

hi new dopus I can see "System" folder and contents. but i cant see it in amiga forever unless in dopus is running.. is there a way to see it regularly? thank you.

I'm not sure I understand.

Is this a question about Amiga Forever or Opus?

Opus on your Windows PC has no effect on what Amiga Forever does or sees.

If you're asking if Opus can replace the Windows File Open / Save dialogs, it can't. There isn't a good way to do that in Windows without running into endless problems with different software.

hi sorry for confusion. i mean in my amiga forever i can only see system folder in amiga forever dopus ...just wondering if there is a setting from dopus to have it "show" ( i accidentally hid it?!) once
exiting dopus! Thank you!

Amiga Forever DOpus, as in you are running the open-source Amiga version inside Amiga Forever?

You'll need to ask the Amiga Forever developers about that. It doesn't have anything to do with us.

thank you