DOpus Standalone Viewer as Windows Default Image Viewer?

[li] Is it possible to use the DOpus Standalone Viewer as the Default program to view images in Windows?
For example when: clicking on an unattached image file in an email message, downloading an image file from a web site, or double-clicking an image file sitting on the Windows Desktop. (In other words, from any place outside of a DOpus lister.)
[li] Could this be accomplished via a Windows File Type and dopusrt.exe?[/li][/ul]

Sorry if this has been answered before, I tried to search for it, but there were so many hits for "Viewer" that Search became Browse.

Yep, you can do it in file types. Just set the "Opens With" section for the specific system file type of JPG to DIRECTORY OPUS VIEWER instead of the default Windows Picture Viewer.

Same procedure for other file types.

I should also mention if Directory Opus Viewer is not in the list of choices, you'll need to browse to the Opus program folder and select the file named d8viewer.exe

Now we're cooking with gas!

I don't know why I never saw that separate executable before, it's only right there in the DOpus program foilder plain-as-day!

Thanks a lot!

Just fyi, what d8viewer.exe does internally is the same as dopusrt.exe /cmd show. It is only provided as a separate executable to make it possible to use in the 'Open With' list.

Aha, the Show command! That is what I was actually looking for, but I didn't know what the confounded command was. I kept searching the manual and help file for "viewer" but of course that's really a different topic in this case. However, the d8viewer.exe is actually what I needed to tell Windows how I wanted the files opened.

But I got two answers with one question, you gotta love it!

Jon, I would suggest that perhaps future installs of DOpus automatically associate say, the Amiga Icon format (something not likely to be associated with another program) with the Directory Opus Viewer (d8viewer.exe). This way the Directory Opus Viewer will be added to the Opens With list, by name, and make it easier for users to find. It does not show up on this list until at least one file type has been associated with it in Windows. As a further suggestion, prompt the user to associate all the file types supported by the Directory Opus Viewer, similar to how digital image software might do. I would have to think that most DOpus users would applaud this.