DOpus-startup needed with last used listers

Hello again,
cofiguring my reseted DOpus I need help please on this:

In my workflow I need most and from the first moment I start my work three listers shown like this:

I want this to remember always for new start of DOpus on startup or doubleclick on desktop as a stored set.
The layout of each lister is stored and works well, but for now its the need for DOpus minimal to remember the last open listers. I am confused about, that there is opened always an old standard lister.
BTW the big lister right named "bearbeitet" is docked to desktop right border... This might be the reason why Dopus cannot remember.

Ist simply annoying to built this needed set again and again...

As info:
"nili" is my todo-list, "nili_getaggt" is the done-list, "bearbeitet" always my source to work on.
Also on mouseover on right border will be shown a big pendig DOus-toolbar with buttons containing several sets with Exiftool-commandlines to set IPTC-keywords, artist, or copy blocks of meta or whatever I needed in the past, grown with my work on my pictures from over 50 years with analog and digital cameras and scans. Very special to me.
The content of "nili_getaggt" is shown on Instagram, Facebook and for example.

Sounds like you need to check this option

Thank you, lxp.
It is set, DOpus is restarted, but appears with an old standard lister.

Well, that's odd.

How about playing it safe and using a user-defined command?

(assuming your layouts are named like this)

Thank you, Alexander..! Looks professional.
Will try it later. Never understood where this area serves. I'm always on the surface. Will give feedback.

My guess is you didn't exit & restart Opus, but only closed the window and opened a new one. Opus usually continues running in the background, unless configured not to.

Try Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister as well as that setting.

Please also link your account.

Sorry @Leo, it's definatly closed and restarted, as I wrote...

So you used File > Exit Directory Opus, then re-launched Opus and saw a window different to the one you used the menu item in?

Seems so, but in the meantime DOpus take the old opened lister.
Don't know exactly what happened, but its a part from what I wanted to get.
Thank you again!

Learned about DOpus...!!!
Took some time because english is not my first and I use the german version from Haage&Partner.
First I didn't realized what the command-editor does and where to find. lol But I built the button now and it works for the main of work to do. A nice one and it will be a template for further needs.
Thank you for this lesson.
BTW I did not find your used icon.

I did not find your used icon.

It was the default. You might be using a different icon set.

Yes, you are right, Alexander...! I am using different icon sets. But this isn't the first prob.

I have only now understood how to create the user commands. Especially where, because I had always overlooked this point in the list. Now I also have a button with this on the toolbar. Very handy! :wink:
All 3 Lister are now opened by the Startup.
Unfortunately the "bearbeitet" lister still drags along that it opens in the middle of the monitor. I think it is an old default setting.
Is there a layout setting that I can use to fix it to the right side of the screen? It will open with the Windows 10 settings on the right half of the screen.
Unfortunately, an attempt to save the layout this way failed. But does that work at all?

Unfortunately, an attempt to save the layout this way failed. But does that work at all?

Yes, a layout contains the lister's size and position. Try it again. Win10 should not interfere. Or is there some auto-positioning in Win10 of which I am not aware?

I don't know, what Windows does. I don't use any App to handle this.
Mouseover right border of screen sets only position and size of the lister. Saved again this layout and will report after next startup...

No change!
"bearbeitet" always opened on old place and size on startup.
Is any option to check with hook, when the layout is saved. Dont realize the options at all.

Type /dopusdata/layouts into the file display or location field and it'll take you to where the layouts are stored. You can view them in the viewer pane or a text editor.

Thank you @Leo!
Found the layouts.

<wp rc="2453,21,3120,830,125" showcmd="1" />

is, I think, the related part. Its the location on my second screen with 1920x1080px,
I think its to difficult to change for me. I can open with an editor but dont know exactly what to change because I do not understand the syntax.

The numbers are left, top, right, bottom, DPI scale.

But you don't need to edit it by hand. Saving the layout should write the current positions into the file.

You are wrong, I saved several times, with the same result.

I will kill it now hard. Will waste the script and save a new one... Will report!

Gotcha! Saved a new one, opened it to edit and put values from the calculator. :wink:

wp rc="2880,0,3840,1080,125" showcmd="1" /

Now it opens in the way I want. But it is not cleared, why DOpus doesn't saved the layout correctly.

Thank you for helping. I always get deeper into DOpus

Have a nice weekend!

Maybe the permissions on your profile folder are messed up and preventing overwrite of existing files. Or another program is locking the files. Can you edit them by hand or does that also fail?