Dopus stops opening folders

Hi guys,
I've started having a really big problem a couple of weeks (months??) ago. After a random amount of time, dopus stops opening folders. If i refresh an existing lister, it never loads the contents. It says "reading folders" forever.
I thought it was one of the 10 scripts i've installed, but i've deactivated them and nothing changed.
I also have a small suspicion that it has to do with tortoisesvn, but i haven't done any changes to my system regarding svn...
any ideas?
using latest beta.

After deactivating the scripts, did you fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) and restart it (or reboot)?

yes, it's the only way that it can work again, but it does the same after a few hours maybe. by the way, during that state, i cannot access Prefs by pressing F12 anymore. and that usually results in a crash. Just got one.

btw i noticed that i had deactivated all scripts but one: listerdoubleclick. But I think it's not that, because i've had this for a long time..

listerdoubleclick would be the most likely script to affect what happens when you double-click on folders. I'd try disabling it.

Is a crash dump created for the crash? Please zip and email it to if so.

it turns out it is not related to any scripts running. I have disabled them all and I still get it. I now think it might be related to either tortoisesvn, or something related to the right click menu... any ideas how to check? (without uninstalling tortoisesvn!?)

Why the right-click menu? It isn't normally involved with left button double-clicks.

You can use ShellExView to disable things without uninstalling them. It's best to fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus), or reboot, afterwards, as extensions may already be loaded and disabling them doesn't unload them it only prevents them being loaded in future.