DOpus takes almost 1 GB of memory!


How can I go about diagnosing what causes Opus to take almost 1 GB of memory and taking a very long time to start?

A fresh install of Opus takes around 20-40 MB of memory. I did not do anything fancy, just added a few buttons to go to specific directories. I don't use anything over a network. Once started, Opus is not slow, it is very fast like normal.

I tried to restore only part of my current config into a fresh install but even that exhibits the problem.

I would rather not have to restart from scratch and set every little options.

I've added my config file, just in case someone can help.


ericc - Opus Config - 2023-01-22.ocb (18.1 MB)

It's unlikely to be Opus itself, unless you've configured an extreme number of large background images.

Thanks for the link to the FAQ. It did not help in finding the problem as the only thing in the stack window was basically DOpus.

I used another tool from Sysinternals, ProcessMonitor, to monitor Opus and found that "Duplicate file.col" was extremely large (many hundreds of MB!), and it is on that file that Opus spent all this time and memory on.

I deleted that file and now Opus is back to normal!

Thanks a lot! Maybe this will help others with the same problem. Check your collections :wink: