DOpus toolbar(s) at windows taskbar

There is the possibility to include custom toollbars (like nero-, encarta-, or windows-search or windows media player) into the windows taskbar. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have such a custom taskbar toolbar for DOpus with all it's configurable buttons and menus?

I'd like this too, although I probably wouldn't use it anymore. I've got a full Opus docked taskbar that's got too many buttons in it to be part of the main taskbar, but in the past I remember thinking it would be nice to have an Opus toolbar embedded in the main taskbar, like the QuickLaunch bar is.

Actually I use separate product for something similar (TrueLaunchBar- no competition so I give the name).


It might also be worth mentioning that you can run Opus functions from the QuickLaunch bar by dragging them to it while in Customize mode. (That creates a .dcf file which can be launched outside of Opus to run Opus commands.)

That doesn't give you everything that a separate floating/docked Opus toolbar gives you (three buttons, menus, etc.) but it does let you run Opus commands from the main Windows taskbar which can come in handy.