Dopus won't let me install my certificate

Hi. I had to replace my hard drive, which I was able to clone to a new one. Everything is working great except Dopus. It won't let me install my certificate. I am still using vsn 10. When I try to paste & install my certificate I get a message to upgrade to the newest vsn.

PS I could not log into my account and was forced to open a new one and so my account is no longer linked. I can't link this new account because it says my registration is already in use. Pls help.

What's the exact message that it says when you paste your cert into the program?

Hi, thanks for your response. It says:

"The certificate is for an older version of Directory Opus.
Please visit the GP Software website for information on upgrades to the current version of Directory Opus. (20018)"

It sounds like you've installed Opus 12. You'll need to install Opus 10 to use an Opus 10 certificate.

Hi Jon, no I've never installed Opus 12. I didn't reinstall Opus after cloning my drive. When I go to About Directory Opus, it says version

I have one other program that lost it's license key after cloning. In that case I had to delete the license file, which had gotten corrupted.

Are you sure the certificate you're using is for version 10? You may have found an old one for a previous version that isn't the latest one you upgraded to.

You can get our website to email you your current certificate via here:

Okay, thanks. I emailed support.

I have not gotten any acknowledgment that they received my email, is that normal?

I don't understand what's going on because I don't think I ever had a version before version 10. I can't sign in to my old account, it says my login is not valid. I can't link this account for priority support for the same reason. I can't have it emailed because I no longer have the email I signed up with.

PM me the registration code you're trying to use and I'll have a look.

Got it sorted out, thanks very much for your help.