DOpus8 keeps focus after launching other applications

Whenever I double-click a file, it launches the appropriate application and loads the file, but DOpus8 stays the focused application with the opened file hidden underneath.

Is there a way to have the launched application come to the front and take the focus ? - it's becoming tedious having to minimize DOpus8 after opening each file.

Thanks in advance if anyone's got the answer,

That shouldn't happen and doesn't for me.

Which version of Windows?

Does it happen with all filetypes and applications or just some?

Does it also happen with Explorer?

Latest version of Opus 8?

Any non-standard tools installed which might intercept things opening? Or graphics-card drivers with features enabled which try to do clever things for multi-monitor systems or whatever?

It sounds to me like the pin gadget is set to TOP which keeps DOpus on top of other applications. To change it in the far upper right hand corner of the window, look for the little button that looks like a pushpin. There's three modes it can have:

Off (pin horizontal): The window will behave as normal and come to the top when active unless there are other Opus windows of higher priority. Such windows can never appear on top of windows with middle or top priority, and they depth arrange as normal with other application windows.

Middle (pin diagonal): The window will come to the top when Opus is active. Windows of middle priority always appear on top of windows with off priority but will depth arrange with other windows of middle or top priority. When Opus is not active, they will depth arrange as normal with other application windows.

Top (pin vertical): The window will always be top priority. They always appear on the top of windows with off priority, and will also appear on top of windows with middle priority. As an example of where this may be useful, you may wish to keep an Opus Lister displaying thumbnail images on top of an Image editor so you can quickly drag files from the Lister and drop them into the editor.

Just push that button until the pin is horizontal.